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  • Name: Phthalimide
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Product Name: phthalimideEnglish Name: phthalimideCas Number: 85-41-6Alias: isoindole-1,3-dione, 1H-isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione
Molecular Structure:

Molecular Formula: C8H5NO2Molecular Weight: 147.13EINECS: 201-603-3Chemical Properties: phthalimide (85-41-6)Character:
Melting Point: 233.5-235℃  Sublimation Point: 366℃ Boiling Point: 366℃  Flashing Point: 165℃
Water Solubility: <0.1g/100mL at 19.5℃Application: phthalimide (85-41-6) is used for producing spices, dyes, pesticides, medicines and rubber aids CTP, also can be used for producing efficient ion exchange resin, surfactants and so on, is an intermediate of bactericide folpet, insecticide phosmet and herbicide bentazone, and is used for organic synthesis.
Storage: the product is stored in a sealed and dried way.

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