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Inspection Service

Our analytical test laboratory has 23 professional technicians including more than 85% personnel with college degree or above, 7 quality engineers and 8 external analysis experts, is equipped with more than 70 pieces (sets) of advanced professional inspection equipment and its auxiliary equipment including liquid chromatographs (with automatic sample feeding systems), gas chromatographs (with automatic sample feeding systems), crystallization point testers, softening point testers, rotational viscometers and thermostatic water-circulator baths, electronic scales with the accuracy of hundred thousandth, Mettler-Toledo Card's moisture testers, rubber dispersity testers, etc., and is equipped with solid physic-chemical plate platforms made by advanced processes and acid & alkali resistant, organic solvent resistant & high temperature resistant experiment tables and ventilation cabinets. Parts of instruments have been shared to Shandong scientific instrument & equipment cooperation public network.
At present, the analytical test laboratory collects more than 100 rubber auxiliary testing standards with currently effective versions, and can measure melting points, crystallization points, softening points, heating losses, screenings, ash contents, viscosity, iodine values, solidifying pints, content of insoluble matters and partial varieties and other aspects of more than 100 varieties such as rubber anti-aging agents, vulcanization accelerators, plasticizers, anti-scorching agents and antioxidants.
In September 2008, the analytical test laboratory passed the inspection and acceptance of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and was issued with a recognized certificate, signed ILAC-MRA/CNAS with CNAS at the same time, and can provide authoritative inspection data trusted and recognized by all circles of society, carry out external test business and provide the industry with convenient, timely, efficient, professional & high-quality services.