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Ruiqi Logo

Ruiqi LogoLogo implications: 1.The main body of the logo is in the form that combines Chinese and English. The exaggerated strokes treated artistically appear quite extensional and dynamic, symbolizing the extraordinary courage of the company. 2. The logo design reflects the harmonious unity of Western and Eastern cultures. The red lines representing integrity embodies the virtues of valuing credibility and honoring promises in the Chinese traditional culture. The black color symbolizes dignity,steadiness,and gracefulness, indicating the profound heritage and strength of the company. The overall design combines movement and stillness, and integrates both inside and outside, producing a strong visual impact. 3. The English “RICH” means “rich, fertile and expensive”, indicating that the products of RICH are sold throughout the world, bringing benefits for the life of human beings. Interpretation to the logo: 1. The overall shape of the logo is concise and stylish, which is a perfect combination of stillness and movement, with flowing lines and a dynamic effect. The varied combination of the tendency lines of the letters gives a strong feeling of the times and visual impact, conveying a new image of the modern chemical industry. 2. The entire logo is mainly based on texts. The Chinese characters and the English letters interwove and interact in the lively rhythm, which directly represents “RICH” company; meantime, the tilted angle indicates the pace of the company moving forward, bearing a far-reaching allegory. 3. The vertical stroke of the tall upturning red capital letter“R”stretches to an infinite distance through the abstract artistic treatment, resembling the open arms, or a fresh banner, conveying the company's confidence and enthusiasm. 4. The solid and rugged black text highlights the company’s solid strength and profound corporate culture, indicating the down to earth, pragmatic and pioneering spirit of the company.5. The logo combines the classic black and red colors, which is concise, vivid, and full of vitality, appeal and affinity. The combination of English letters in the logo creates an effect that blends classical and modern styles, and harmoniously integrates Eastern and Western cultures, where tradition and fashion shine upon each other.