Corporate Philosophy
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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy:quality in mind, service in actions
Interpretation to the advertising slogan:
Slogan: quality in mind and integrity in actions - interpretation to the advertising slogan: in our traditional ethics culture, integrity has been given extremely rich connotations. As far as the meanings of the word are concerned, the two Chinese characters that consists the work “integrity” are interlinked, which is explained in the “Explanation System of Analytical Dictionary of Chinese Characters”. As the main body of modern business, enterprises should regard quality as the fundamental and the core; without the assurance of product quality, services are out of the question no matter how great their quality is. “Without the skin, where will the hair go?” Products and services are in a complementary relationship they are a unity, rather than opponents. The slogan of RICH adopts the antithesis in terms of the design techniques; the implications are contained in the shape, which is simple and elegant, with profound connotations, and a strong cultural atmosphere; the cadency of the slogan makes it easy to impress consumers. With just eight words, it indicates the company’s idea of offering high-quality products and services conscientiously, which is another way of expression to the idea of “honest operation and quality first’ in the socialist market economy.