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Reinforcing resin 205



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The resin is a reinforcing agent for natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers such as butylbenzene, butyronitrile, chloroprene, butyl, and ethylene propylene diene. The resin has good plasticity during processing and is therefore advantageous for dispersion of the filler.

It can be plasticized before vulcanization. After vulcanization, it can improve the hardness, tear, wear resistance, strength and elongation of the rubber compound, and slightly reduce the elongation of the rubber compound, prolong the scorch time and reduce the Mooney viscosity of the rubber compound. . Can be used to make tires, heels, soles, conveyor belts, etc.

Application Guide: The reference amount of the resin is 8-40 parts, and 7-10% hexamethylenetetramine (HMT) relative to the resin content is added as a methylene donor for crosslinking reaction. In order to prevent scorch from occurring during the rubber mixing process,

The resin needs to be added in the early stage, and the HMT should be added together with the accelerator and sulfur in the final stage of the rubber compounding.

Packing: Packed in a kraft paper composite bag lined with plastic bags, each net weight is 25kg.

Storage: Store indoors, dry and ventilated, anti-high temperature, fireproof, storage period is one year. Exceeding the storage period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.

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